High School Gameday Game of the Week: Coquille vs. Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Ore. – A Mountain Valley match up hit the hardwoods Friday night as Coquille took on Harrisburg. This game turned out to be a shooting contest.

In the first quarter, the Eagles swung the ball the Tel Jones who scored. Harrisburg took a 22-19 lead going into halftime.

In the second half, Henry Scolari pushed the ball down the floor to Colton Gederos and the lefty scored the basket. The Red Devils tied the game up at 24 points each.

Still in the third quarter, Coquille continue to chip away at a Harrisburg lead. Noah Hyatt scored on a jump shot, putting Harrisburg up by one.

But Jones was quick to score the three ball.

Harrisburg separated itself from Coquille in the fourth quarter, making the final score 59-41.

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