UO student on 4 sports teams nominated for 'Athlete of the Year'

EUGENE, Ore. -- College athlete Elizabeth Brenner is not only participating, but excelling in four college sports at the University of Oregon.

The Portland-native recently received national attention and was nominated for Sports Illustrated's College Athlete of the Year award, along with 4 other collegiate women athletes, including Baylor star athlete Britney Griner.

"(It's) pretty unbelievable. When I found out and they wanted to do an interview with me, I was just blown away," said Brenner.

Unfortunately for her, Liz Brenner lost the title to UNC field hockey player Loren Shealy.

"Obviously I was a little upset because of how competitive I was but the girl that won definitely deserved it," Brenner told KVAL News.

Liz Brenner began her collegiate career on the volleyball court, but it was her skills playing basketball, softball and running track and field that made her a nominee for Sports Illustrated's college athlete of the year.

For Brenner, keeping her grades up while playing four sports is almost second nature.

"I've played multiple sports since I can remember, so it's kinda how my life is," Liz said. "I'm used to it going from one sport to the next, maybe a couple of practices in a day, it's just normal to me."

With 2 years left in school, Brenner has high hopes for her volleyball career.

"I really want to play pro volleyball overseas, and hopefully if everything goes well I'd like to play on the Olympic team. That'd be awesome," said Brenner.

Currently she is preparing for the NCAA Track Championships where she has qualified in the javelin throw for Wednesday.