Recycled wood + watches = homegrown company

EUGENE, Ore. - A licensing agreement with the University of Oregon is the latest - but likely not last - success for Original Grain, a watch company started 6 months ago by three young men who grew up together in Creswell.

The watches are crafted using recycled wood. The company's watches are on wrists in all 50 states and almost as many countries worldwide.

The three founders have spread out - Jasem Dulany, who lives in Eugene, and brother Ryan and AJ Beltran, who pulled up stakes for Hong Kong and San Diego.

Original Grain tries to combine the three cities into each design: Northwest nature represented by wood, Hong Kong's cityscapes represented by stainless steel, and just a little something SoCal in each design.

Meet Dulany and the Original Grain designs on your local TV news and this website Tuesday, September 24