OSU women win first of Civil War series against Oregon, 88-80

EUGENE, Ore. -- After leading the nation in scoring at 106 points per game, the Oregon Women's Basketball team fell to the Oregon State Beavers 88-80 in their season opener at Matthew Knight Arena.

Jillian Alleyne had a double-double with 26 points and 12 rebounds to aid the Ducks.

Head coach Paul Westhead said the primary reason the Ducks fell to the Beavers was because of Oregon State's 6 foot 6 inch center, Ruth Gamblin, who had a double-double with 27 points and 16 rebounds.

"We anticipated a few things. Her presence defensively," Westhead said. "But we didn't anticipate her ability to influence shots coming at her and potentially rebounding."

Westhead said when he finally allowed Alleyne to guard Gamblin under the basket, she was very poised and did some of the best defensive work he's seen her to do this year.

Alleyne was also pleased with her performance, and said that she's going to strategize before they face the Beavers again on Monday night at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis.

"I think she [Gamblin] blocked me two or three times. When those things happen, I don't take them lightly. I'm going to prepare and make adjustments," Alleyne said.

Westhead said that he would make some slight modifications to The System, the offensive strategy that he runs at the University of Oregon, which is based primarily on wearing down the opponent. He plans on focusing tomorrow's practice on finding outlets that will prevent Gamblin from scoring in the double digits during their next match-up.

"We'll do our best to keep her under 27. We'll make some adjustments, but it's not as easy as it sounds," Westhead said. "But, there are some things that we can do, and there are some things that we need to do."

Westhead felt the pace of the game was on par for where they normally are during the first half, but going into the second half, he felt they let it slip out of their grip. Chrishae Rowe, who had 19 points and three rebounds, agreed.

"I think we stared off with a good pace, but we slowed down the pace during the second half. We started playing a half court game, and that's not what we do," Rowe said.

Going into halftime, the Ducks were up 42-41 shooting only 28.6% percent on the three-point line, 41.5% in field goals and 50.0% from the free throw line.

"You have off nights," Rowe said about the shooting percentage for the night. "I think when the shots are off, you need to crash the boards, I'm pretty sure we were way below our average in that area."

In addition to Alleyne's 12th double-double of the season, team captain Ariel Thomas had 11 points and three rebounds, Lexi Petersen had six points and three rebounds and Danielle Love had five points and three rebounds.

The Oregon Ducks will face the Oregon State Beavers on Monday for the 92 Civil War. The game will begin at 7 p.m.