Oregon proposes limits on cushion size in Autzen Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. - Football can be a game of inches - on the field and in the stands.

Under a new proposal, the seat cushion that you bring into Autzen Stadium could be no bigger than 17 inches by 10 inches.

If it has a back, it can't be higher than 19 inches.

"Seat cushions come in a variety of sizes, and to ensure enjoyment for all attendees, we want to be specific about allowable dimensions," said Jule Brown with the University of Oregon. "The rule amendment is intended to provide more clarity about the dimensions of space that is currently allocated for capacity seating."

There is a hearing on July 17 at 9 a.m. in the Walnut Room at the Erb Memorial Union. Following the hearing, the University will consider the testimony and written comments presented at the hearing.

"The proposal is to standardize the size of the cushions or the chair backs that people are bringing in Autzen Stadium," said Craig Pintens, senior associate athletic director. "We obviously are confined to a specific space in the bleachers. We've actually marked off the number of inches you can sit in, and unfortunately we have some fans that are bringing in chair backs and seat cushions that are a little bigger than that. Obviously, if everybody did that, we would lose some seating capacity.

"It really is designed for the fans and for their enjoyment of the game," he said of the proposed rule. "We want to make sure they have a great fan experience, and if the person next to them brings a big chair and they're feeling pretty squeezed in, that wouldn't be a good fan experience."