Former Duck Colt Lyerla formally charged

EUGENE, Ore. -- Former Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla was arraigned at the Lane County Courthouse Thursday after admitting to using cocaine the night before.

On Wednesday night, the 20-year-old was arrested for unlawful possession of cocaine and interfering with a police officer.

Lyerla's attorney, John Tyner, said Lyerla's charges would be dismissed if he completes a drug treatment program.

"I came down here to represent his interests, to talk to the DA's office, and I found out they have a policy here which allows for categories of individuals to enter a program to have the charges dismissed if they successfully complete a treatment program," Tyner said.

Colt Lyerla's orientation with the DA-run program starts on Oct. 28.

According to police, the Lane County Interagency Narcotics Team was working an unrelated drug investigation in the 7th and Polk area, when they saw Lyerla in a parked car, snorting what appeared to be cocaine.

Law enforcement officers said they agreed to meet Lyerla at his house. Once at his apartment, Lyerla reportedly ran inside. Police arrested him when he came out a short time later.

He was booked at the Lane County Jail on charges of unlawful possession of cocaine and interfering with police.

Colt Lyerla left the Oregon football program team October 6, a week after serving a one-game suspension and missing the trip to Colorado. Lyerla told the media that he wanted to pursue a pro football career instead of playing college ball.