Duck women dominate Jaguars, 130-90

EUGENE, Ore. - Team captain Ariel Thomas was charged with two fouls in the first minute of the Ducks game against the Southern University Jaguars from Baton Rouge, throwing a wrench in her normal aggressive style of play.

Within the first minute of the second half Thomas had racked up her fourth foul.

Even with Thomas on the bench longer than usual, the Ducks won 130-90 over the Jaguars Wednesday night in Matt Knight Arena.

Duck head coach Paul Westhead played 15 players, and 14 of them scored.

Jillian Alleyne led the team with 29 points; Danielle Love had 19; Chrishae Rowe and Katelyn Loper each got 14. Alleyne also pulled down 12 rebounds and went 11 for 11 in free throws.

The team attempted 52 three-pointers and sank 16 of them. They completed 80 percent of their free throws. And they forced a season high 38 turnovers.

The game was never really close, with the Ducks establishing a lead early on and going into the half up 63-40.

Liz Brenner - who also plays softball, throws the javelin and shotput in track - and is an All-American volleyball player, practiced with the basketball team for the first time this season last week. Brenner played for 10 minutes and put up 8 points.

Coach Westhead seemed pleased with his team, but especially Jillian Alleyne.

"Jillian Alleyne played very good," Westhead said. "Not just rebounding and scoring, but she was on the floor this game maybe more than I've seen her this season. That's another sign that she is stepping up, growing up. My guess is she had about five dive-on-the-floors."

Westhead said Danielle Love also had a good game. "She's been playing good the last three, four or five games. She gets bad stats and plays good. The last game she had good stats."

"I'm a Danielle Love fan," said Westhead. "Her and Ariel Thomas are like the glue of the team. They just do whatever you need, whatever you need, whatever you need."

"I can tell you how valuable they are. Unless they are in foul trouble, as Ariel was tonight, they will be high in minutes played because it's hard for us to flow and do good things without both, or if not both, one of them in the game. They make it go."

Now that the volleyball season has ended, Liz Brenner is back with the team. "This was just a little cameo appearance," said Westhead, "It'll be two weeks before Liz Brenner gives you what she has."

Danielle Love credited her teammates for her good performance. "My teammates were finding me when I was open. It was awesome. AT (Ariel Thomas) is on me all the time. She says, 'Hey, girl, look to shoot because your shot is going to go in.''"

Jillian Alleyne, who went 11 for 11 from the free throw line, said it allows her to be aggressive. "Coach taught me to go up strong every time because now with the new rules implemented you're going to get fouled a lot. So I think going up strong and attacking the basket is definitely something that I think when I'm in the post because I know I'm either going to get fouled, or I'm going to kick it out, or I'm going to make it. Either way I'm helping my team, and that's the ultimate goal."

With the win over Southern, the Ducks are 7-2 this season. "It feels really good that we're playing the system, " said Love, "that is what we pride ourselves on. We still have a lot of things to work on. But overall, we feel we've been running the system really well. And that's what we're here to do."

The Duck women play next at home against Cal Poly on Friday, December 20. Tip off time is 7 pm.