The puck stops here: A century of Oregon hockey

PORTLAND, Ore. - There is only one city in America whose name is etched on the Stanley Cup, the Memorial Cup, the Ed Chynoweth Cup and the Lester Patrick Cup.

It's not Detroit or Chicago, nor is it Boston or New York.

It's Portland, Oregon.

This spring, step out onto the ice and into 100 years of hockey history in the new Oregon History Museum exhibition "Rose City Champions: 100 Years of Hockey."

The story of hockey in Portland began with the Portland Rosebuds, the first US team to play for the Stanley Cup.

The Rosebuds gave way to the Buckaroos, part of the Pacific Coast Hockey League and WHL, and eventually led to the formation of the modern Portland Winterhawks.

"Hockey has endured and thrived in Portland for 100 years and has at times been one of the most popular and best attended sporting events in town," said exhibit contributor Scott Petterson. "When the Memorial Coliseum was built in 1960 for the Portland Buckaroos franchise, the arena was packed for every home game and the word on the street was that the Memorial Coliseum was the place to be on Saturday nights."

Featuring an array of artifacts - including vintage hockey sticks, team uniforms, and trophies on loan from Petterson and the Winterhawks organization - "Rose City Champions" focuses on the many important "firsts" in hockey and examines the role of Portland as a leader in this sport.

"This anniversary establishes the fact that Portland has been part of hockey from the very early stages of the game all the way up to the modern era," said Petterson. "The Portland Rosebuds, Eagles, Penguins, Buckaroos, and Winterhawks have all been champions along the way, and if the past is any indicator of the future, then the next 100 years of Portland hockey should be as impactful as the first 100."

The Oregon History Museum is located at 1200 SW Park Avenue in downtown Portland. Museum hours are Monday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.