Renfroe, Ems rack up a W after three straight losses

EUGENE, Ore. -- The moment he stepped onto the field, the night became memorable. The win that broke the Emeralds' three-game losing streak came on the night that the team's new addition, Hunter Renfroe, took to the field. Not only did they win, but they beat the best team in the league.

"I was a little bit rusty," said Renfroe after the game, modestly.

The Padres' 6 foot 1, 200-pound, first round pick (13th overall) set the mood for the Emeralds vs. AquaSox game last night, scoring first in the bottom of the fourth inning, after Fernando Perez grounded out.

Emeralds' manager Jim Gabella said of Renfroe, "He had a good night; got a couple of hits. He stayed on the ball, hit that double to right field."

Renfroe added, "I got the first hit off my chest. I swung the bat really well. It was a good start."

Emeralds' first baseman Trae Santos followed Renfroe's lead, scoring in the bottom of the fourth after Ems' Henry Charles doubled on a line drive to center fielder Austin Wilson. The AquaSox failed to respond to the two runs.

Keeping the crowd erupting in cheers, Ems' Felipe Blanco scored in the bottom of the fifth.

The AquaSox remained scoreless until the top of the sixth, when both AquaSox' Michael Faulkner and Justin Seager scored after D.J. Peterson doubled on a fly ball to Ems' center fielder Ronnie Richardson.

In the top of the seventh, the AquaSox continued their rally, tying the game up with a score from AquaSox' Faulker.

The Ems took the lead, again, in the bottom of the seventh, with a score from Ems' Anthony Torres after Ems' Edwin Moreno singled on a fly ball to AquaSox' center fielder Austin Wilson. Edwin Moreno also contributed a run in the seventh.

Gabella also praised the Ems' Moreno. "Having two guys in that line-up [Moreno and Renfroe] is going to help."

While the AquaSox failed to add points to the board in the top of the eighth, the Ems racked up another run in the bottom, with Michael Bass scoring on a wild pitch.

The win puts the Ems at 9-18 on the season thus far. The AquaSox are now 19-8. With Renfroe added to the roster, it seems that there might still be a chance for the Ems' season to turn around. "I did what I had to do," said the outfielder.

Gabella said, "Every day's a new day. That's the one good thing about baseball. We struggled yesterday. We faced a good pitcher that had our number and last night was a new day. We swung the bats better and that's just the way the game of baseball is. We're going to come out every day, work hard, try to get better, and go from there."

The Emeralds face the AquaSox again, tonight, at 7:05 PM at PK Park.