Goose impaled by arrow roams golf course

PORTLAND, Ore. - A goose ended up with an arrow straight through its belly and now the question is - who shot the bird?

We found the goose Friday around the 16th hole at Heron Lakes Golf Course in north Portland. The Audubon Society would like to capture the bird and remove the arrow, but it's not that simple.

"The goose was perfectly healthy, alert and was flighted," said Lacy Campbell, Audubon Society Wildlife Manager. "At this point, it's not catchable."

Randy Morrison, manager of the golf course added: "He walks normally. If you've ever approached a goose, they let you approach up to 20 feet. Then as you get closer, they waddle away. That's what he does. He did fly away the other day."

Over time, the goose could get infections or get caught on trees or other objects.

Whoever hurt the bird could face state or even federal charges. They could be charged with animal abuse, hunting outside of season, hunting within the city limits, possibly using an illegal weapon or hunting water fowl without state and federal permits.

Golfers have been reporting it since Tuesday.

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