Emeralds rally to beat Canadians, 5-3

EUGENE, Ore. - Emeralds manager Jim Gabella walked onto the field after last night's game, looked at a group of locals, then back to his team, and simply stated, "Those guys are the heroes."

The Eugene Emeralds rallied late to win game 4 of a five-game series against the Vancouver Canadians, 5-3.

"Teams that win games take advantage of the stakes," Gabella said, "and we did that today."

In the bottom of the first inning, the Ems scored first to take the lead. Ems center fielder Wynton Bernard scored when right fielder Hunter Renfroe grounded out.

The game fell into a lull for the next few innings.

Prior to last night's game, the Vancouver Canadians picked up pitcher Tom Robson, a fourth round pick in 2011. Robson played in last night's game, helping to keep the Ems stagnant for six innings.

On the 6'4, 200-pound pitcher, Gabella said, "Their starting pitcher did a great job. A kid that just got brought up, he had good stuff and, you know, kept us at bay there."

The game dragged on until the top of the sixth inning, when the Canadians brought in three players to put the score at 3-1. The scores occurred when Canadians third baseman Justin Atkinson doubled on a fly ball to Ems center fielder Bernard.

The Ems came back in the bottom of the eighth to win the game with scores from Ems Bernard, Renfroe, Santos, and Perez.

On the team's will to succeed, Gabella said, "These guys really never have given up all year long. I mean it's just a great group of guys that just fight. We talk about it every day. As long as you have an out, you got a chance. And they just keep fighting, battling, and scrapping, and good things have happened."

He added, "The biggest thing is coming out, working hard like they've been doing and taking the things that we worked on into the games. They've been doing that and it's a lot of fun to win. A lot of fun."

The Ems face-off against the Canadians in the final game of their five-game series Tuesda night at PK Park at 7:05 p.m.