Emeralds end series against Canadians with 7-0 loss

EUGENE, Ore. - They lost the battle, but they won the war.

In the final game of their five-game series, the Eugene Emeralds tacked on a loss to their record. The Vancouver Canadians defeated the Ems 7-0 Tuesday night.

The Canadians scored three in the first three innings on a throwing error by the Ems, a wild pitch by the Ems, and a homer from Canadians first baseman Dan Arcila.

Ems manager Jim Gabella said, "They've got a good team. The middle of that line-up, they got them guys that can really swing it and they did tonight."

The Ems failed to respond to any of the scores, mostly due to the Canadians' pitching.

Said Gabella, "Tip the cap to their pitchers over there. They did a nice job. Kept our hitters off balance, changed speeds, and sometimes when you do that, you get guys out and they did that tonight."

Canadians pitchers Matt Dermody, Shane Dawson, Garrett Pickens, and Chuck Ghysels all combined for an ERA of 3.00.

In the top of the fifth inning, Canadians left fielder Brenden Kalfus had a two-run homer, bringing in designated hitter L.B. Dantzler.

Pitching for the Ems was off tonight.

Of Ems pitcher Erik Cabrera, Gabella said, "He needs to improve his command of all of his pitches. Sometimes he overthrows and pitches up in the strike zone. He's got a quality arm and like most guys he's just got to learn how to command it."

With no response from the Ems, the Canadians threw on a couple more scores in the top of the eighth inning, when Canadians designated hitter Dantzler hit a two-run homer, bringing in Canadians shortstop Dickie Thon.

Though the Ems lost last night's game, they still came out on top, winning the series 3-2.

Gabella said, "We want our guys to be able to play when the games really mean something, and they do right now."

"We're doing a lot of good things, but like I say every day, tomorrow's another day. We lost today. We'll come back out tomorrow and keep working," he added.

The Ems are now 18-28 on the season. The Canadians move to 26-20.