Driver, 83, still going after nasty crash at speedway

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A local man spent last week gearing up to head back to the racetrack after a nasty crash put him over the wall.

83-year-old Roy Harvey has been racing cars for 45 years.

A few weeks ago, Roy was in a terrible crash, sending his race car into and over the wall at the Douglas County Speedway.

Roy spoke to KPIC News about the crash, and explained how it happened. "It was human error," he said. "I got my brake foot, when I put the brakes on I slid over too far, and I got ahold of the gas feed and didn't know it, didn't realize it until it was too late."

Roy miraculously walked away with just a few bumps and bruises.

Though the crash was brutal, Roy says he'll get behind the wheel again.

"You get out there in that track, it's just another world," Roy said. "It's, I don't know how to explain it, but it gets in your blood and you just love it."