Bandon Dunes: 'It's not just a golf resort. It's a whole culture'

BANDON, Ore. - Michael Keiser founded the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in 1999 to create an experience that couldn't be found anywhere in North America.

"People will travel long distances to get here because they can't this anywhere else," said Hank Hickox with Kempersports, the company that runs the resort.

Designed by world-reknowned architects, the course was modeled after the game's Scottish roots.

"The walking experience, the use of the natural terrain," Hickox said.

Five courses, 85 holes - each with a unique personality and breathtaking scenery.

"It's not just a golf resort," Hickox said. "It's a whole culture."

Each year dozens of students go to college on scholarships made possible by the resort, and proceeds from one of the courses fuels concervation and economic projects along Oregon's South Coast.

"Something like this happening here is like a gateway for other things to follow," Hickox said.

And 15 years later, there's more to come: a new 18-hole putting green, the largest in the world, opening this May.

Named one of Oregon's treasures, Bandon Dunes is a recipient of this year's History Makers Medal.

"We look forward to earning it every day," Hickox said. "Every day's a new day."