Aquasox blank Emeralds 5-0

EUGENE, Ore. - With a small smirk, Eugene Emeralds manager Jim Gabella simply said, "Sometimes, you've got to tip your cap to the other team."

The Emeralds lost their third straight game Wednesday night, their previous two losses to the Spokane Indians at Avista Stadium in Washington.

Wednesday, the Ems came back to their home turf only to be defeated by the Everett AquaSox, 5-0.

The first 5 innings proceeded quickly, with no score for either the Emeralds or the Aquasox.

Then the AquaSox began to put points on the board.

In the top of the sixth, Aquasox D.J. Peterson scored after Phillips Castillo doubled on a line drive to Emeralds left fielder Wynton Bernard. Aquasox Austin Wilson scored soon thereafter.

The Emeralds failed to respond, and the Aquasox took the game into the top of the seventh, where Aquasox James Zamarripa scored after a fielding error by Ems third baseman Fernando Perez.

Gabella said, "You're not going to win many games only getting one hit and not scoring any runs. That's kind of been our biggest weakness from the beginning of the season - [it's] swinging the bat - so we obviously have to get better than that."

The Ems failed to respond to the Aquasox's score in the seventh inning, and the eighth inning wasn't much different. The Aquasox scored two more runs. The Emeralds never scored..

"We work every day on the things that get the players better," Gabella said. "We don't panic because a game like this. We come out and keep working."

The Ems face-off against the Aquasox, again Thursday, July 11, at PK Park at 7:05 p.m.