Looking Forward to the 2016 Presidential Campaign

It may start to feel a little like this in the weeks and months following the 2014 election. But instead of eager shoppers on black Friday, it will be political candidates, many considering a run for president. "As soon as these mid-terms are over in 2014 the clock really starts." said Russ Schriefer of Strategic Partners & Media, Inc. But political consultant Russ Schriefer says in many ways, that clock has already been ticking. New Jersey governor Chris Christie was in New Hampshire this week technically stumping for the GOP gubernatorial candidate and senate candidate Scott Brown. And former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped out senator Tom Harkin, who just happens to be from Iowa. Speaking of Iowa, Paul Ryan is scheduled to visit next week for a third time this election season, and Rand Paul's already been there at least four times since the 2012 election. Recently Vice President Joe Biden was in Des Moines, Iowa this week with a group called Nuns of the Bus Political analysts say there are a few reasons for these very early visits to the early primary states: name recognition of course, fundraising, and they're a good place for a trial run. "It's a really good testing path for the candidates to see how they are going to do not only in the primaries that are to follow but as a candidate in the general election," said Schriefer. "The minute 2016 is over with, we'll be saying what about 2020, what's gonna happen that year." Still no denies it can be a bit dizzying. Just like Christmas decorations on the shelf before Halloween even happens, the trend bends to giving everyone more days to shop.