Suspect behind bars after family finds a stranger in their home

Police say a man broke into people's homes through open garages in Vancouver. (KATU Photo)

One man is in the Clark County jail charged with multiple thefts after police say he stole IDs and credit cards by wandering into people's homes through open garage doors.

"My husband went to the back door, and there was a man standing there. He had opened the door from the garage into our house," said Amanda, a victim who didn't want to use her full name.

Police say the suspect would enter people's homes, and if he was confronted by the occupants, he'd ask if they were having a garage sale.

"It was just very alarming how bold he was to be in our garage, and it was 7:35 at night. No one has a garage sale at that time," Amanda said.

Police arrested 24-year old Brian Bogert-Pipkin of Vancouver on Sunday May 7, a day after the incident at Amanda's house on Northeast 81st Avenue in Vancouver. He's facing multiple theft charges and is due in front of a judge Friday.

"It’s a huge relief, but it is disturbing to know that people are so bold that they would just be willing to walk into your home. So we’ll definitely take extra precautions from this point forward," Amanda said.

Bogert-Pipkin is being held on $50,000 bail.

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