Pedicure poisons: Be your own advocate to avoid health complications

Be your own advocate to avoid health complications (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Summery “sandals weather” might have you thinking about heading to the spa for a pedicure, but before you do that, you should always “step lightly.”

There is some important safety information for the perfect pedicure that you should know.

Whether you get pedicures at the start of the summer season, or you get them all year, the International Pedicure Association now suggests you be your own advocate to avoid some common complications.

Skin and nail specialists have some tips on what you want to avoid so that the only thing you take away from the perfect pedicure is pretty feet.

There is nothing a few moms say they enjoy more than putting their feet in the hands of a person who can give them a “perfect pedicure.”

“First day of the last trimester so definitely a treat,” said Pedicure Client Sarah Wolfer.

Because both Candace and Sarah are pregnant, they chose to have their pedicure at a spa in Mason which caters to pregnant women called “Becoming Mom.”

“I know it's a safe place for my baby and I to have a safe pedicure,” said Candace Cioffi.

But the team at Becoming Mom also agreed to talk everyone through what makes a pedicure safe for your feet and how to avoid a complication that could be severe.

“It could be very severe, we've in the industry heard stories of boils and flesh eating bacteria, and people having severe medical problems that last way longer than that hour long pedicure,” said Becoming Mom’s General Manager Ally Osborne.

Ally Osborne says to have your relaxation and enjoy it too takes a few steps before you start.

Step one: Ask and observe for cleanliness.

“You should just ask your nail technician how they clean their tubs and how they sanitize and how they disinfect after every client,” said Ally. “Observe. Go early and watch.”

Step two: Check the type of tubs used.

Ally prefers tubs without recirculating water unless they can be thoroughly cleaned between clients.

Becoming Mom uses plastic liners that are disposed of after every client.

Step three: Ask about one-time use for tools.

“Everything we use on them, from the foot files, nail files, the buffers… those all disposables, so as soon as our clients leave we dispose of that,” said Renee Crumrine, a skin specialist.

Finally, be your own safety specialist. Don't shave your legs right before a pedicure so you don't have open cuts that will increase a risk of spreading bacteria and fungus.

Thankfully that’s a risk that the moms at Becoming Mom could completely avoid because when it comes to pedicure safety, that team stays on their toes.

There is a safety checklist from the International Pedicure Association that you can print out and take with you if you wish to a nail salon or spa. We have a link to that checklist here.

Here is a link to Becoming Mom.

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