Funeral held for hero Tennessee husband killed in Las Vegas massacre

(Fox 17 News)

A funeral was held Tuesday for Sonny Melton, the hero husband from Tennessee who was killed in the Las Vegas massacre.

Watch the service in its entirety below:

The funeral included tearful words from Sonny's wife Heather, who he saved during the shooting by shielding her from gunfire. Heather also introduced Daniel, who she said was the other man who saved her that night. He traveled to Tennessee from California.

"On that dark night, I was screaming for help me and then an angel came and put Sonny in the back of a pickup truck," Heather said of Daniel.

Melton, who was a registered nurse at Henry County Medical Center where his wife also worked, received a Nurse's Final Farewell.

It was the second days in a row hundreds showed up to Big Sandy School to pay their respects to Sonny during visitation hours. There was a huge outpouring of support for the hero, and the line out the door leading into the Big Sandy School Gym was constant.

During an interview with CNN, Heather said Sonny taught her what true love was. The couple was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival for their one-year anniversary.

Sonny's dad also penned a heartbreaking letter, "My thoughts about Sonny and Heroes," which has been viewed thousands of times.

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