'We weren't scared one bit. Worried about my drift boat, though'

VIDA, Ore. - Earl Goodman and Bob Jenkins wanted to spend some time on the river.

They wound up hung up on a rock in the river, awaiting a helicopter rescue as water filled their boat.

"We weren't scared one bit," Bob Jenkins said. "Worried about my drift boat, though."

The sheriff's marine patrol put a boat in the water but couldn't reach the men, who told jokes to pass the time.

"We needed extra help," Deputy Paul Vitus said. "We needed assistance from the Coast Guard."

A helicopter crew from Astoria responded to help and hoisted the men to safety one by one.

No such luck for Bob's boat.

"The drift boat is going to have nature take it," Vitus said.

The fishing buddies are OK. The experience won't get them down.

They said they're excited to get back out on the water as soon as possible - just in Earl's boat.