'We can expect higher likelihood of dry summer this year'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Western Oregon has seen the driest start of the calendar year on record, but how long will the streak last?

Philip Mote is the director of Oregon Climate Services and a State Climatologist for Oregon. He says the upcoming summer months will probably stay dry, but we won't be seeing record-breaking temperatures in Western Oregon.

From May until July, Mote said most of the U.S. will be tilting towards a warm summer. Oregon will see average temperatures.

"The indications are we can expect higher likelihood of dry summer this year than normal," said Mote.

Mote, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Oregon State University, said the weather can vary from year to year. "It's just a year when it's dry. Last spring, and the previous spring were cool and wet. And those weren't proof that climate change wasn't happening. That isn't proof that climate change is happening."

Mote said over the last several months, storms have avoided the Northwest - especially Oregon. "It's part of life on earth. You get wet years and dry years," he said.