Watchable Wildlife: Share your videos & photos #LiveOnKVAL

Turkey. Deer. Bear. Cougar. We live in wild, wild country: Share YOUR photos #LiveOnKVAL at

EUGENE, Ore. - Deer. Turkey. Bears. Cougars.

Oh my!

We all share the Pacific Northwest with some wild neighbors, whether in town or in the woods or in the sea.

nd if you use a trail camera, you may see creatures that otherwise would go unseen (or even some creatures that aren't creatures).

Please join us this spring, summer and fall in keeping an eye out for watchable wildlife - on the hiking trail, on the end of a fishing line, or even in your dishwasher.

Then share you videos and photos #LiveOnKVAL.

From the archives: A 2011 report on urban wildlife in Eugene

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