Tsunami hits the South Coast: Where do you go?

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- If a tsunami happens, what areas would be the most affected?

Before now, emergency officials and agencies where the only ones that had the information. Now, anyone can see where to go in case of a tsunami.

A digital report of tsunami inundation scenarios has been released.

The digital data released includes statewide tsunami inundation scenarios.

Assembly areas, critical facilities, evacuation zones and high ground outside the hazard area maps are all included in the data.

Emergency Program Manager Michael Murphy says if disaster strikes, people need to know where to go, and this new information will help. "We're looking at 80 ft waves coming our way," he said. "We can't stop a tsunami, we can only try and tell people to get out of the way."

Knowing where to go will be key in getting out of the way.

To access the report or the maps, you can see them here.