Stuck snowboarders to spend another night on Mt. Rainier

LONGMIRE, Wash. -- Two snowboarders stranded on Mount Rainier are spending another night on the mountain.

Dozens of searchers on Monday tried to reach the snowboarders, who got lost on Mount Rainier during a snowstorm. However, they could not reach the men before having to come down themselves.

Rescuers planned to resume the rescue operation in the morning.

The two men, 20 and 21, called 911 around 4:30 p.m. Sunday evening asking for help amid blizzard conditions, officials said.

"They didn't know where they were exactly and didn't have a map or a compass so they were making the best of it for the night," said Roger Beckett with Olympic Search and Rescue, who were also called in to assist.

Conditions were too poor to send out rescuers Sunday night so the snowboarders were told to hunker down.

Daylight Monday brought good news as the snowboarders were able to call rescuers again indicating they had made it through the night and were still in good condition, said Kevin Bacher with Mt. Rainier National Park. Weather conditions had also improved.

At first light, 28 searchers set out to reach the men. Bacher was optimistic they had a good idea where the men were based on tracing their cell signal and landmarks the men were able to relay through the fog.

"We believe they are somewhere up around McClure Rock, which is about 7,500 feet up to Camp Muir and that is where we are starting our search," Bacher said.

He added the snowboarders did have day gear with them but did not have any night gear.