Storm watchers flock to Oregon Coast

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- Flood watches and high wind warnings were in effect earlier this week on the Oregon Coast.

Winds got up to 70 mph on the coast and white-capped waves crashed onto jetties.

Many people drove out to Chicken Point, near Charleston, to watch the show.

Del Robinson traveled up the coast from Bandon. He calls the stormy weather a beautiful site.

"It's awesome. I come out here for the view, the people - can't beat it," Robinson said.

But others were a bit more practical.

The Skallerud family comes to Chicken Point regularly to storm watch, but after a while, they were headed home to drink hot chocolate and watch movies.

As it got later, the weather got worse.

Kyle Cox drove out with his friend during their lunch break. He said they came to check out the waves and the weather. "It's getting pretty crazy, but we're pretty used to it," Cox said.

Chuck Chavtur, a commanding officer for the Coast Guard, said people should not be out on the water during weather like this.

However, they can watch the storm from a safe distance like at Chicken Point.

"The waves are very dangerous, you could very easily be struck by a log or other debris in the water that will incapacitate you and take you out to sea," Chavtur said.

Chavtur also warns that it is not the time for visitors to walk on the beaches and look at the sights.