Solar plane leaves California on cross-country trip

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) Here are the planned stops and dates for the solar plane that left California on Friday. The slow-moving plane is expected to take about 20 to 25 hours to fly between each stop and spend about 10 days in each city.

-- Early May 2013: First leg San Francisco/Moffett Airfield - Phoenix/Sky Harbor, about 650 miles

-- Mid May 2013: Second leg Phoenix/Sky Harbor - Dallas/Fort Worth, about 890 miles

-- End May - Early June 2013: Third leg Dallas/Fort Worth - St. Louis/Lambert Airport, about 560 miles

-- Mid June 2013: Fourth leg St. Louis/Lambert Airport - Washington DC/Dulles, about 700 miles

-- Early July 2013: Fifth and last leg Washington DC/Dulles - New York/JFK, about 230 miles