Sea turtle at Eugene airport awaiting Navy flight to SeaWorld

EUGENE, Ore. - An endangered green sea turle found semicomatose in the Oregon surf in June is headed for SeaWorld in San Diego with the help of the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the U.S. Navy's Fleet Logistics Support Squadron.

Aquarium staff drove the turtle down to the Eugene Airport from Newport on Tuesday. The turtle, dubbed Koa, was awaiting the arrival of a Navy plane to fly him to facilities at SeaWorld.

The turtle, native to waters off Hawaii and the south Pacific coast, was "semicomatose" when he arrived at the aquarium June 18 with an internal body temperature of 58. The turtle's natural temperature in more tropical waters is in the mid-70s.

Aquarium staff slowly warmed up the turtle with hopes to eventually return him to the wild.

SeaWorld will provide the second leg of his rehabilitation.

Aquarium staff named the turtle Koa, which is Hawaiian for strong, bold and fearless.

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