Oregon weather primed for funnel clouds but not tornadoes

EUGENE, Ore. - Weak cold core funnel clouds are possible again Thursday across a wide swath of western Oregon, the National Weather Service said.

"The combination of an unseasonably cool upper level low pressure system and the strongest sunshine and surface heating of the year is causing a very unstable air mass near the surface," forecasters said just before noon Thursday.

"Strong updrafts within heavier showers may result in weak rotation and brief cold core funnel clouds today," the special weather statement explained. "These funnel clouds are fairly typical in this weather pattern and rarely touch the ground as tornadoes."

Roseburg saw its first tornado in recent memory this week.

Last week, a tornado did damage in McMinnville the same day at least 3 cold core funnel clouds formed near Harrisburg, Corvallis and Hillsboro.

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