Oakland teen returns from Vegas with archery title

OAKLAND, Ore. -- Practicing six days a week has paid off for an Oakland teen, who recently had his hard work pay off in Vegas.

Braden Kline is just back from winning the young adult male class at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

Braden picked up archery as a fun hobby back in 2009, but started taking it more seriously about a year ago. "I pretty much had a goal all year for indoor season, it was to go down to Vegas and win Vegas," Kline said. "So, I was kind of, practicing with that in mind, but really just shooting all of the local tournaments one at a time and trying to get better."

With hundreds of people on the same shooting line, Braden says staying focused was a challenge. "So, for the Vegas, the three spot, you have two minutes to shoot three arrows, and for the five you have four minutes to shoot five arrows," said Kline. "Sometimes it can be difficult for some people, but I seem to get them all off in time."

Dropping one point on the second day had Braden thinking he was out of the race. "I thought, there's no way I won, and I stepped off the line and my whole friend and family group was pretty happy for me," he said.

Braden plans to get his pro card when he turns 18 and pursue a degree in forest management.