NWS receives a report of tornado northwest of Vernonia

PORTLAND, Ore. - The National Weather Service says it received a report of a tornado Tuesday night that caused minor damage to a house 10 miles northwest of Vernonia.

NWS says it received photographs from the public that showed the damage to the home and a tree.

It says it cannot verify whether it was a tornado that did the damage; however, the weather in the area at the time could have formed a funnel cloud.

Based on the photos, NWS says it is unlikely they will go to the site of the damage Wednesday to investigate. But it will reassess in the morning.

A viewer sent in a picture (below) of what appeared to be a funnel cloud in Grass Valley, Ore. KATU Meteorologist Mary Loos says there was rotation in the atmosphere today that could have produced funnel clouds in Grass Valley.

Dan Earl snapped this photo four to five miles southeast of Grass Valley, Ore. at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, June 25.