Nurse running from Canada to Mexico

EUGENE, Ore. - Helene Neville is running from Canada to Mexico.

Why? The 4-time cancer survivor and nurse ran across the U.S. in 2010.

This time, she's putting in 30-mile days en route to the Mexican border, talking to doctors, nurses and health practitioners along the way.

As both a patient and a nurse, she brings perspectives from both sides of the healthcare relationship.

"I've always had a passion for helping people really helping and being that voice for the underserved being the voice for the people that are invisible or not noticed or nameless and faceless," she said.

She's not going it alone.

Her brother died unexpectedly in February.

She carries his ashes in an urn as she runs.

"I said, 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother,' and then when the ashes came I'm like, 'Heck yes he is heavy,'" she said.

Neville said she is scattering her brother's ashes along the way.

She hopes to complete the 1,500-mile journey by mid-June.

"It's such a slow pace that I get to smell all the smells, some good, some bad. I get to enjoy nature and the sounds and its at a pace where you really experience life," Neville said. "I look at the speeding cars going by me and think I'm in such a better place right now than everybody in their cars and if people just stopped and got out of their car and walked or ran or jogged just to experience what you can experience by slowing down that pace it's a pretty amazing feeling."

Learn more about her journey on her website.