New lead in shooting over dead raccoon - and a warning to public

This photo from the Mason County Sheriff's Office shows the truck at the scene of Sunday's shooting near Allyn.

ALLYN, Wash. - Authorities have released photos of a truck that sped off after its occupant opened fire at a man dragging a dead raccoon Sunday in rural Mason County - and they're asking for the public to help identify the owner of the truck.

The plea for help comes with a warning: "The suspect is considered armed and dangerous and we are urging persons to contact law enforcement," the Mason County Sheriff's Office said in a Twitter post on Thursday.

The truck is identified as a dark-colored Ford extended cab truck, model year 1992 to 1997, with a canopy. A white dog was also seen in the truck.

Mason County sheriff's officials say the shooting unfolded Sunday afternoon as a man was walking along Highway 3 north of Allyn dragging a dead raccoon behind him with a rope.

The man had earlier found the raccoon, which had been hit by a car, and wanted to use it as bait for a crab pot. He didn’t want to smell its pungent stench, so he was dragging it about 15 feet behind him.

(The video below shows the shirtless man dragging the raccoon before he was shot. Video contains some mild profanity toward the end.)

Some people driving by in a white SUV saw the man and thought he was dragging a dead dog behind him. This upset them, so they pulled over and angrily confronted the man.

At about the same time, one or more people in the dark-colored Ford pickup drove by and also had the same false impression that the man was dragging a dead dog. They joined in the altercation, then one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire at the man with the dead raccoon. The man was struck twice in the leg.

The occupants of the white SUV and the black pickup then left the scene. The pickup struck the man who had been shot as it sped away.

Deputies later tracked down the people in the white SUV and they are cooperating with the investigation.

Now they want to find the occupant of the black Ford pickup who opened fire.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Mason County Sheriff's Office at 360-427-9670 x327.

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