More UO students bike to campus than drive

EUGENE, Ore. - More University of Oregon students bike, walk or take the bus to class than drive, according to the school's bicycle program coordinator.

Just 12 percent drive to class, compared to 21 percent who bike daily, according to Brianna Orr with the bicycle program. Another 21 percent walk to campus, with 16 percent taking the bus. The balance live on campus at UO.

Orr predicted UO will see 40 percent of the student population biking to class within the next decade.

The findings were part of the public release of a new study about college campuses and transportation conducted by OSPIRG.

The study found young Americans aged 16 to 34 cut their annual miles driven by 23 percent between 2001 and 2009.

OSPIRG points to the University of Oregon and Eugene as examples of how bicycle infrastructure, low- or no-cost public transit for students and other measures can reduce the demand for parking on crowded college campuses.