Log jam full of punctured rafts removed from river

JEFFERSON, Ore. - A dangerous log jam on the North Santiam River is no more.

The Oregon State Marine Board, Benton and Linn county sheriff's office, a private contractor and adjacent landowners teamed up this week to clear the hazard from the river.

The log jam was located just above the North's confluence with the South Santiam River, between Marion and Linn counties.

Both the Benton and Linn county sheriff's offices have responded to this location on numerous occasions for water rescues of boaters and people floating in the area on "pool toy" type floatation devices and inner tubes this summer.

The logs and debris causing the problems have been mostly, if not all, removed, the sheriff's offices said.

Many punctured rafts, pool toys and inner tubes were removed with the logs.

The sheriff's offices warn that if you use this part of the river, there may still be hazards underneath the water.

The Oregon State Marine Board posts known hazards on their website, but these can change overnight due water levels and other circumstances, the sheriff's offices said.