Fish and Game: 30 antelope die after trying to cross frozen Snake River

(Courtesy: IDFG).

Several pronghorn antelopes died after the herd tried crossing the frozen Snake River Monday, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

A herd of 500 were trying to cross the river at Lake Walcott. IDFG had to euthanize 20 of them, six were rescued by crew members, and 10 were killed by coyotes.

This area is prone to migration, but this incident was very unusual.

“I have never seen anything like it in my 26-year career,” said regional wildlife manager Daryl Meints.

Staff used an airboat to rescue six uninjured pronghorns. The 20 euthanized suffered severe injuries from slipping on the ice. Fish and Game says the meat from those euthanized was salvaged, processed and donated to people in need.

“At least they’re going to be used. That’s the only silver lining,” said IDFG regional supervisor Toby Boudreau.

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