Free food on a foggy morning: 'This is Breakfast at the Bike Bridges'

EUGENE, Ore. - At seven in the morning in late October, the Willamette River area of Eugene is a haunting place, with fog and mist and chill in the air.

The sun has yet to break over the horizon.

Yet many people are already out on the paths, jogging and riding their bikes.

For these early risers on this day, there is free hot coffee and bagels to warm them and give them needed energy.

"This is Breakfast at the Bike Bridges," explains Lindsay Selser, City of Eugene Transportation Options Coordinator. "It's a program we've been running at the city of Eugene for almost 10 years now."

"In the summer months, the heavy commuting months for people walking and riding bikes, we like to get out and thank people for walking and biking and answer any questions they have and reward them with a little breakfast.

"We have bagels, we have coffee, we have cream cheese," Selser said. "We get all the food donated. Full City Coffee has donated coffee for all of the events throughout the summer. Bagels Sphere gives us a hearty discount on their bagels, and Nancy's Creamery donates all the cream cheese."

The event is held the last Friday of every month, May through October. In the early months they give out coffee and bagels from 7 am to 9:30.

"This is the first time we've ever done October, so we pushed the time back [to 7:30] because it is so dark," Selser said.

The event is held in different locations through the season.

"We move around. Go to the Amazon path, we go to the Greenway bike bridge, we try to hit all different parts of town so we can get different folks," Selser said. "We're promoting walking and biking in our community, active transportation is what we like to call it. We give out bike bells for path safety. We really encourage people to use a bell for safe passing. We promote projects that we are working on, let people know about detours and path closures."

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