Fireworks bring risk of fire, injuries

EUGENE, Ore. - The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and retailers can now sell fireworks.

Aaron Taylor is the minister for Cross Fire Ministries. The church has been selling fireworks at seven Factory Firework Outlet locations in Eugene and Springfield. It's part of a fundraiser where all proceeds go back to programs at the church.

Taylor says although the Fourth of July is an exciting holiday, it's important to be safe. "Number one is to be safe. Especially with little kids, we don't see very many injuries but the injuries we do see probably is not the way you wanna spent your fourth of July," he said.

In Oregon, legal retail fireworks are those that only produce smoke, sparks and fire that stays near the ground. Examples are base fountains, cone fountains, wheels, and ground bloom flowers. An illegal firework is anything that explode, ejects balls of fire into the air, or travels more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches into the air.

Lane Rural Fire and Rescue Fire Marshall Dean Chappell says he the same types of injuries from fireworks. "Hand, burn injuries, first degrees..which is your blistering," he said.

Chappell says the most important thing is supervision, especially with children,

He also recommends everyone wear eye protection. "If you're gonna do fireworks, you should have a 5 gallon bucket for water so once they're done being fired off, they should be soaked for at least 8 hours or so in a bucket of water," said Chappell.

"Remember that if you start a fire with your fireworks, you're liable for the results of that fire," said Chappell.