Could wind energy be coming to the south coast?

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Could wind energy be coming to the south coast?

A meeting regarding the potential for wind energy off the coast of Coos Bay was held at the North Bend Public Library Wednesday night.

Coos Bay was choosen as the ideal site for the wind floats, because it possess some of the highest offshore wind speeds on the west coast.

Principle Power is the company spearheading this movement, that they say would benefit thousands. "What we're proposing to do is 30 megawatts, so five wind floats with six megawatt turbines on them," said Kevin Banister, the vice president of the company. "30 megawatts is enough for 10-12,000 homes."

At their highest point, the wind floats are just above 500 feet tall.

Officials say they won't be visable from shore because of their placement 15 miles off the coast.