Convergence Zone deluge leads to flooded roads, muddy mess in Marysville

Water rushes over Marysville's Sunnyside Blvd. (Photo: KOMO News)

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Mother Nature turned up the recent rains a notch with an intense Puget Sound Convergence Zone Thursday night that picked on parts of Snohomish County and flooded a Marysville road and pasture.

A photo from Marysville Police overnight showed running water that appeared to have come down a hillside, covering Sunnyside Boulevard. It sounds like it wasn't the only spot with water-covered roads.

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"Thanks to Mother Nature, areas with standing water on the road," Marysville Police tweeted.

The convergence zone kept a steady rain in that narrow band in Snohomish County for much of the night, with that area near where the roads flooded under a particularly strong deluge. The National Weather Service radar estimated over 1-2 inches of rain fell near Marysville, while most of the region was bone dry overnight.

The National Weather Service had two rain gauges near Lake Stevens reported over 2 inches of rain while a private weather station just east of Everett reported 2.48 inches of rain in the 3-hour period from roughly between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m

Video from Air 4 early Friday morning showed the water was gone, but there was some muddy debris left in the area and a nearby pasture that appeared to be flooded.

There is no word of any damage yet to nearby homes.

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