Camera on RC helicopter: 'The proof is in watching the video'

EUGENE, Ore. - Russ Maine isn't new to radio-controlled aircraft.

"I've flown since 1974," he said. "I got started with radio-controlled gliders."

His hobby led Maine to make a camera fly.

Maine combined a GoPro camcorder with an RC helicopter.

"I mounted the camera and the transmitter on the bottom," he explained.

The combination of gadgets streams video back from the aerial platform, delivering shots from angles no photojournalist could get without a helicopter or balloon.

"The proof is in watching the video," Main said. "What comes off of it is what's pretty amazing."

And with $1,500 in materials, it's a lot cheaper than flying a real helicopter - although by federal regulation, he can't fly it very high.

"Right now it's kind of restricted," Maine said. "FAA doesn't want commercial use of these items but the potential I think is just endless."