'Baked Alaska: 90-96 degree temps shatter all-time records

      Many people head to Alaska to visit the snow-capped mountains and awe-inspiring glaciers.

      Monday, sitting on a glacier might not have been a bad idea.

      A major ridge of high pressure brought intense heat to south-central Alaska with four towns experiencing heat never before felt in their record-keeping history.

      * Talkeetna hit 96 degrees (Old record: 91, set three dates, most recently... Sunday)
      * Cordova hit 90 (Old record: 89, set July 16, 1995)
      * Valdez also hit 90 in the city (Old record: 87 set on back-to-back days of June 25-26 in 1953)
      * Seward hit 88 degrees, breaking the old record of 87 set on July 4, 1999.

      Remember air conditioning is in extreme short supply there, if not non-existent.

      Some other notes:

      * Talkeetna broke their all-time record high on back-to-back days -- 96 Monday after 91 on Sunday. It was still 93 degrees at 9 p.m. on Monday -- just 1 degree cooler than Las Vegas was at 9 p.m. their time. Amazing. For Seattle to break their all-time record by that percentage, it would have to hit 109 and Portland would hit 113.
      * Seward was 88 degrees in the middle afternoon but a seabreeze blew in and the temperature dropped from 88 to 73 in an hour.
      * It was hot, but not quite all-time-record hot, just to the south where Skagway hit 86 and Juneau hit 82 with a very rare thunderstorm on the heels of an 85 degree day Sunday.
      * Normal highs across the region are in the low 60s.

      The heat in Seward really got me thinking because that is a popular port on Alaska cruises. So I wondered --- could some people currently on an Alaskan cruise be experiencing hotter weather than those on, say, a Caribbean Cruise?

      Turns out, yes indeed!

      Highs Monday:

      Kingston, Jamaica: 91
      Miami, Florida: 90
      Seward, Alaska: 88
      Phillipsburg, St. Maarten: 88
      San Juan, Puerto Rico: 87
      Skagway, Alaska: 86
      St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: 86
      Saint John's, Antigua: 84
      Juneau, Alaska: 82
      Cozumel, Mexico: 81

      Bet those outdoor pools are getting way more of a workout than expected on the Alaska cruise ships!