Another twister: Waterspout sighted off Washington coast

WESTPORT, Wash. -- Just two days after a tornado damaged buildings in Frederickson, another twister was sighted in Western Washington.

This time, it was a waterspout just off the coast near Westport.

Jeff Clemens was just driving down the road around 12:35 p.m. when he spotted the waterspout spinning away about a quarter mile off the coast. He pulled over near the shoreline and got out to watch

He said the waterspout lasted a full 20-25 minutes.

"It was growing, then shrinking, then it was just huge again when it strung out" and dissipated, he said.

The waterspout didn't make landfall and there are no reports of damage.

The National Weather Service warned boaters and coastal residents that more funnel clouds and waterspouts were possible through Wednesday afternoon and then the threat would ease in the evening.

A waterspout is simply a tornado that touches down over water.