Ammo box in tree closes I-5 rest area

EUGENE, Ore. - A bomb technician responded to a rest area on Interstate 5 on Sunday after a report of a suspicious object hidden in a tree.

The northbound Gettings Creek Rest Area along Interstate 5, 14 miles south of Eugene, was closed for about an hour while police checked out an ammo can tucked into the crook of a tree near the rest area enterance.

A Eugene Police Department hazardous device technician inspected and confirmed it was not a destructive device. The ammo can was removed and the rest area opened about 8 p.m.

State police believe the container was used by geocachers, hobbyists who use GPS units to conduct a sort of treasure hunt.

Oregon State Police Arson & Explosives Section urges anyone involved in geocache activity to use transparent containers and clearly label the container's exterior as a geocache. If responding hazardous device technicians have any doubts about a suspicious container, they will take all necessary safety precautions including destroying the container to render it safe, state police said.