At Salem-Keizer school, students get the red-carpet treatment on first day

Even a gator greeted students on the first day of school at Gubser Elementary School in Keizer. (KATU Photo)

About 40,000 kids headed back to school Wednesday in the Salem-Keizer School District. It’s the second largest district in Oregon.

And Gubser Elementary pulled out all the stops. Staff treated arriving students like stars, giving each one of them high-fives as they strolled across a red carpet.

But the excitement began even before the kids stepped in the door.

“He’s excited. He said he couldn’t sleep last night, which is kinda funny,” said Oscar, a parent.

Some kids are ready to get back to learning.

“My favorite subject is reading,” said Madison.

Others said math, library and art.

Jasmine said: “I’m looking forward to the reading homework. There will probably be more advanced reading books.”

But others preferred recess.

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