What's in the safe? We'll find out Friday

EUGENE, Ore. - What's in the safe? We'll find out Friday.

Peter Pomponi donated the safe to the Roosevelt Middle School Auction.

He found the safe while renovating his farm house in Grants Pass almost 3 years ago.

"I think the safe has a long history and someone hid it for a reason," Peter said "As I was tearing apart a section of the workshop the safe began to emerge. The more I pulled away boards, the more it became apparent it was a safe."

What's inside remains a mystery, although Peter and his daughter Isabella have heard a few clues this week as the safe echoed out some hints.

"I heard something that sounded like a clunk, metallic, maybe something like a chain, so we heard something slide and clunk," Peter said.

The school put the safe and its contents up for auction online at noon Pacific time on the Roosevelt website.

The auction will close at 8 p.m. Friday night during the Roosevelt Showcase event.

Once the winning bid is confirmed, a locksmith from Eugene Lock and Safe has donated his time to open the safe and reveal the contents.

Isabella started the bidding Wednesday with a $100 bid.

"It would be interesting to keep the safe and have it opened," Isabella said, "but on the other side it would feel really good to donate it to the school so they can raise money."

Parent volunteers at Roosevelt say given the current budget situation at the school, this annual auction is very important.

"By getting this money into the school, we'll actually be able to not only get another teacher but actually keep teachers that would be laid off," said parent volunteer Louise Bronaugh said.