Seattle man accused of stabbing two people with broken beer bottle

SEATTLE -- Police say a Saturday morning argument in Wallingford ended when one man used a broken beer bottle to stab a pair of strangers.

A Wallingford man was walking home with a frozen pizza and a six pack of beer at about 2 a.m. when he encountered a group of people standing on the sidewalk near his 45th Street apartment.

Police say the man told the group to quiet down, which led to an argument. As the argument intensified, police say the man began hurling full beer bottles at the group.

Not satisfied with the damage his bottles were doing, the man allegedly charged the group and began stabbing the men with a broken bottle.

Police say one man was stabbed in the abdomen and a second was stabbed in the leg.

Someone in the group called the police and officers arrived on scene moments later. As they were investigating, the officers saw a man standing on top of a staircase at a nearby apartment. Police say the man looked like he was trying to hide from them.

The officers approached him and immediately noticed blood on his clothing. After several witnesses identified him as the attacker, police booked the man into King County Jail on suspicion of assault.

Both victims were treated at Harborview Medical Center.