Police: Man robs Meridian TCBY, threatens those inside with stolen machete

Meridian police say Lance Warr, 33, robbed a Meridian Fred Meyer before heading to TCBY.

Meridian police say 33-year-old Lance Warr walked in to a Fred Meyers in Meridian around 7:30 p.m. Saturday and stole a machete.

When Fred Meyers employees confronted Warr, he threatened them before running into a nearby TCBY on Locust Grove and Fairview.

Inside TCBY, police say Warr threatened workers and customers inside, telling them to get on the ground. He stole cash and wallets before running away.

A witness, Hailey Gilbert-Morehouse, says she and her boyfriend were the only two in TCBY. Warr took her wallet, keys and the boyfriend's credit cards. He also took the TCBY charity box.

The photos show the charity box and the mask Warr was wearing during the ordeal.

Meridian police later caught up with Warr as he was jumping fences in a nearby neighborhood. He was tasered and taken into custody without incident.

Police have recovered all of the stolen property.

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