$1M worth of meth-laced lollipops seized by police

Police seize about 600 pounds of methamphetamine that was laced inside lollipops (CNN Newsource / KTRK-TV / Harris County Sheriff's Office)

HOUSTON, Texas (WKRC) – While this may look like a pack of delicious children’s candy, Texas police have discovered that certain lollipops have been laced with methamphetamine.

According to KTRK-TV, about 600 pounds of the drug were found in a home while police were looking into a burglary.

A neighbor reported the incident after witnessing someone break into the home. Police discovered a man and woman putting several bags of the candy into their car.

Police reported that the drugs were made inside the home. The layout of the lollipops is raising worries that they were being targeted towards kids.

The drugs have a value of about a million dollars.

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