Mystery safe remains a mystery - for now

EUGENE, Ore. - After days of pondering what lies behind the cast iron door of the mystery safe, the hundreds that turned out to Roosevelt Middle School's silent auction Friday night were told they would have to wait a little longer.

Officials from the school said that the winners of the auction wanted to be present when the safe was opened, and chose to hold their own opening ceremony later in the week.

Parents and students poured over the folding tables that lined the Roosevelt gym, examining the dozens of baskets and gift certificates at auction. However many more were drawn to the parking lot to examine the featured item at the Showcase Cruise 2013 - an old, unopened safe donated by RMS parent Peter Pomponi.

He said that he found the safe three years ago while renovating his old farmhouse in Grants Pass.

Pomponi donated the unopened mystery safe to his daughter Isabella's school, who in turn opened up an online auction for the safe and its contents Wednesday.

As the online auction drew to a close, a crowd of roughly 50 students swarmed the back of Pompini's station wagon; each trying to get a glimpse of the 2-foot square cast iron safe.

"I'll be happy to have it out of the back," laughed Pomponi. "I have been getting terrible gas mileage this week!"

What's inside remains a mystery, although Peter and his daughter have heard a few clues this week as the safe echoed out some hints.

"I heard something that sounded like a clunk, metallic, maybe something like a chain, so we heard something slide and clunk," Peter said.

Soon after parent volunteer Louise Bronaugh closed the auction at 8 p.m., a spokesperson from All Comedy 1450 Radio climbed onto the car's bumper.

Over an outbreak of cheers he announced that All Comedy and The RV Corral had partnered up and won the auction with a bid of $4415.

Those cheers soon turned to cries of outrage after the spokesman continued to say that the safe would not be opened that night.

Roosevelt and the new owners of the safe agreed to hold the safe opening until Tuesday night at the RV Corral.

News of the decision to prolong the opening quickly spread through the halls of RMS, and many students were upset. However the mystery safe will continue to keep people guessing, "What is in the safe?"