Love-seekers take to 'Paper Bag Speed Dating'

LONDON - While most people rely heavily on looks while speed dating, a new project in London is forcing people to do the exact opposite and choose by personality alone.

During an event called Paper Bag Speed Dating, participants were asked to make snap decisions based purely on the personality of the person sat opposite them.

Created by the brains behind a new London-based dating app called LoveFlutter, Paper Bag Speed Dating was organized as part of the #SayNoToShallow campaign.

"We're running the events as part of an awareness campaign for our new dating app, Loveflutter, which only allows you to view a user's photograph after you've read a Twitter-like 140 character fact or 'Quirky Fact' about that person," says co-founder Diago.

"The free app presents blurred profile pictures which can only be brought into sharp focus by first reading a 140-character interesting or 'quirky fact' about that person."